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About The Company


Ubiquitel’s roots stem from the early days of competition in telecom in the early 1980’s.  Long a proponent of competition in Canada, we were a contributor to early CRTC hearings fostering the opening up of the industry as witnessed by CRTC decisions 85-19 allowing competitive local services.  Imagine where we’d be today if the large telephone company’s still had a monopoly!

After becoming one of the largest independent Telecom System providers in the province and one of the first to offer hosted IP-PBX, today’s Ubiquitel continues to provide industry leading and innovative telecom solutions.

Bruce Thompson – CEO

Bruce has been an entrepreneur in the Telecom and Data business sectors for close to 30 years. His companies have been featured in the “Canadian Business Magazine” fastest growing companies on two separate occasions and once on the CTV news. He was also listed as a “40 under 40” achiever in Business in Vancouver magazine honoring young achievers in British Columbia. After selling two of his ventures and semi-retiring for a time, he now brings his business and technological experience to his working partners Synditech, SkywayWest and MBS Techservices Inc. His passion for this fast paced industry keeps his level of involvement high. Recent certifications include those from highly respected organisations like Cisco and IBM. He is keenly interested in assisting growth oriented organizations in the areas of expense rationalization, productivity and goodwill enhancement. Doing this with an eye to an organisation’s security posture is critical. An avid sportsman (tennis, skiing, dirt biking, boating, rowing, hiking, golf), Bruce enjoys the lifestyle offered him courtesy of a successful business career. He and his wife of over 40 years, Fay, are residents of Pender Harbor where he uses collaboration technology for his client communications. He is a member of the Pender Harbour volunteer fire department where he is a 59 year old rookie! Bruce is also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce where he is actively involved in the “Economic Development” initiative which hopes to create an appropriate type of growth for Pender Harbor. “It’s time to give back!” as Bruce puts it.

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